Website/App Development

Web application development refers to the creation of applications over a remote server that are accessible through the internet. Web app development has evolved rapidly over the past decade. Traditional web app development consisted of creating static web pages enabled by the internet, however, we have now come a long way. The advent of CMS (Content Management System) and web development frameworks have made customized web application development more functional, easier and approachable.

An efficient web application can add to your business functionality, serve as an interactive tool between business and clients, ease data entry, and provide an overall boost to your business. Today, custom web app development has a lot of potential to serve businesses and leveraging its potential gives your business an additional edge.

Technologies which we used to make Wesbites are -

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery etc.

Database used in our Websites -

  • MYSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, MYSQL Server, DB2, SAP Hana etc.

We are Expert in making Mobile App in iOS/Android with Platform of -

  • Hybrid, Native.