Data Analytics & BI

Aurous implements tailormade analytics solutions. Everyone has immense data in this ever-growing data world and where most of organizations lack behind is making sense of their unstructured data. Aurous enables companies to harvest most important information from their messy data by

  • Cleansing the data using AI powered data cleansing techniques.
  • Implementing a tailormade BI solution to fit everyone’s custom requirements.

Our competencies are not constrained to a particular industry data or a BI solution. We will understand your data problem in detail, consider the tools & technologies you already have, understand your monitory requirements and then suggest you an optimum solution that fits both – your requirements and budget. We believe in untangling the complications for you and hence we keep our implementation simple.

Some of our analytics and implementation use cases:

  • HR Analytics – Retention rate visibility & strategies, Labor rates analysis and optimum rate benchmarking.
  • Marketing Analytics – Campaign success rates and trends, Campaign performance and offer optimization.
  • Procurement Analytics – Expense/spend analysis, data classification, data normalization & savings dashboards.
  • Operations Analytics – Operational visibility, Optimization and strategy builder dashboards.
  • Sales & Ageing Analytics – Ageing dashboard, sales pipeline visibility and heatmaps.

Every BI solution has its own pros & cons and we understand this to the core. Your requirements may vary from a very cost effective BI to a well sophisticated one where you can also generate your own reports. We suggest the best one to serve your requirements. We do implement Qlikview, Qliksense, Tableau, PowerBI or many other cost effective solutions.

You have a Data + Problem then Aurous has a customized cost effective solution for you !